From 100% locally sourced fresh milk to their glass

The journey of nutritional milky goodness

The farm
In the heart of the high Southern Cape mountains alongside lush green fields, lies the oasis of sustainable dairy farming – the Skimmelkrans Farm. Leading with the clear understanding that nurturing the future starts by nurturing the planet, Skimmelkrans embraces the innovation and strategic consideration needed to assist in restoring nature’s balance in order to preserve and sustain the beautiful creatures that graze on the bright green pastures. And this is where NESTLÉ® NESPRAY® FortiGrow™ gets all its fresh milk from to make all that yummy nutritious goodness in a glass. 

The journey
Every morning, NESTLÉ® NESPRAY®’s very own trucks make a stop at the Skimmelkrans Farm to collect all the fresh milk in giant tanks specially designed to keep the milk as fresh as can be. “How?” you may ask. Well, the milk is loaded into tanks that are kept at 4 °C, so all the milk is kept cool throughout the long drive. Simple!

Once all the milk is locked and loaded, off we go! Through the breathtaking mountains of the Western Cape, past the most marvellous views, we land in the coastal town of Mossel Bay where you will find the state-of-the-art NESTLÉ® NESPRAY® factory! And it’s not just any factory, we are talking about a factory that processes and fortifies 320 tonnes of fresh milk every single day to ensure that every child in South Africa has the opportunity to multiply their potential. 

Right, now that the trucks have arrived. They are first hosed down to clean off the dirt and dust from the drive. All cleaned up, there’s only one last thing to do before offloading the milk. Every truck driver has the responsibility of testing the milk before offload can take place. This process is to ensure that the milk is of the highest quality. First the pH levels of the milk are tested, followed by testing its content of nutrients, fats, proteins, minerals and water. Once the milk gets the green light of goodness, it’s pumped out from the truck tanks into standardisation tanks, which are responsible for ensuring that every tin of NESTLÉ® NESPRAY® FortiGrow™ has the same nutritional value. This is also where fortification happens, which is the blending of vitamins and minerals added to boost the nutritional goodness of the milk. Now that our fresh milk is packed with all the goodness needed to nurture their future, it’s time to turn 100% fresh milk into powdered milky nutrition. In the next step, we break down our milk into tiny little droplets to ensure that every sip of NESPRAY® is completely delicious and that the nutritional value is consistent. 

Fresh milk is, in fact, made up of 80% water. Based on this fun fact, you might have guessed that we evaporate all the water from our fortified fresh milk, which leaves us with the powdered milk you know, and your kids love. If you did guess so, you are right! Finally, once every grain of powder has been tested and approved, it’s all packaged and off it goes to your nearest local store. 

The glass
And that’s how NESTLÉ® NESPRAY® FortiGrow™ – a source of iron, zinc, vitamins A, C and D – is made to ensure that your child is always ready to multiply their potential! So, when you give your child a glass of nutritional milky goodness with a balanced meal or snack, know that you are giving them all the nutritional support for healthy immunity, cognitive development and physical growth – all made from 100% locally sourced fresh milk!

From the lush green fields that surround the Skimmelkrans Farm, the state-of-the-art NESTLÉ® NESPRAY® factory, your local store and then to your child’s glass, every step not only nurtures their future, but also cares for the communities that come together in the making of NESTLÉ® NESPRAY® FortiGrow™.