Nurturing futures with tailored nutrition for school age kids

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Nespray - Take the first step towards Nurturing their Future

It all starts with just 2 daily cups of NESTLÉ® NESPRAY® FortiGrow™

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Simple ways to nurture the planet from home

Think about nurturing your child’s future and encouraging them to multiply their potential so they can make all their dreams come true.

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A boy doing maths with coins on his desk

Maths is everywhere and you can make it make ‘cents’!

Understanding the use of Maths in everyday life is important and kids understanding that Maths is everywhere, is vital.

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From Sustainably farmed to pure goodness in a glass

Our commitment to nurturing your child’s future is through Sustainable dairy farming.

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Essential Nutrients in every cup of NESPRAY

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Explaining the benefits of Iron

Iron supports healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to their body tissues.

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